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Destination beach weddings are in thing nowadays. The modern world couples are shunning the old age traditional wedding theme and catching up on Destination beach weddings. And why not, what could be more romantic than hearing the wedding bells beside the Emerald Sea and swaying palm trees or walking bare feet and hand in hand on sugary white sand of the sea while listening to the tranquil tropical breeze on honeymoon trip? Destination weddings do follow traditions but with a twist. For instance, instead of traditional candle light wedding ceremony, sand ceremony is performed where the couple throws handful of sand grains together in the air which get combined and deciphered as unity and eternity for couple. Florida beaches are much popular when it comes to destination beach weddings. Their wedding planners and hospitality providers are known for excellent services and quality wedding packages. They offer affordable packages and customized options also. The local government rules for the outsiders or tourists are liberal and getting a beach wedding permit is easier. Along with these the most popular beach wedding destinations are Hawaii and the Caribbean, famous for their tropical weather and gorgeous natural ambiance. If you are planning a destination wedding, research is the key. There are plenty of allurements and tempting options available online and offline. To avoid falling into the pitfalls and draining out your money, check the authenticity and credentials of the venue you are going to book. If you are considering a sea front hotel or resort, it is recommended to see the location personally or talk to the related person. Only after getting a proper assurance, book the site. Most of the beach hotels have their own wedding coordinators to help their customers and to save them from the hassles of arrangements. If not this, you can take help of wedding planners. They are well aware of the rules and local government’s take on the marriages. With the help of coordinators and planners, your wedding becomes a smooth affair. They offer packages based on your budget and according to your desire. These local vendors are of great help and eliminate your worries of planning a successful marriage. When you are done with the planning and selected the vendors, you have to prepare yourself for putting in more efforts and hard work. Getting married is not easy as eating a wedding cake! You have to send out wedding cards in advance so that your guests could take out time to visit you on the special day. Also, you have to get prepared for booking a rental property to accommodate them. You have to confirm all the details in written to the planner. Keep an eye on local weather forecast to avoid your preparations go into tides. As contrary to what is believed, destination weddings are affordable and cost effective! Your wedding, reception and honeymoon are at the same place and arranged by the same vendor. Moreover, post wedding resorts offer good discounts and free gifts to couples who choose to stay back for the honeymoon as well. You do not have to spend on artificial electronic lights

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